Missouri State Parks are hiring

If you're a young adult and looking for a job, the Missouri State Parks are hiring.

Thousand Hills State Park is one of the 84 state parks around Missouri that's participating in Governor Jay Nixon's State Parks Youth Corps jobs Program.

The program hires applicants ages 17 to 23 to do maintenance work. At Thousand Hills State Park, they have six open positions.

Those hired will work a total of 400 hours and get paid minimum wage.

Park Superintendent Brent Steacy said the workers will takeaway valuable experience while enjoying the great outdoors.

"We're hoping they'll take away a love of doing service for their fellow citizens of the State of Missouri," said Brent Steacy, Thousand Hills State Park Superintendent. "We're going to teach them how to do some building maintenance skills, roofing, painting, general repair, trail work, how to maintain a trail and of course, the interpretive positions are going to learn how to prepare and present programs."

Steacy said the workers are a big help.

"In recent years, we've been short on our budget and have not been able to have a full staff. So, it really helps us getting these extra people out to take on some of these projects that we don't have enough staff to accomplish. "

The program does have an income eligibility requirement.

Across the state, the program will employ about 500 Missourians and they'll begin working June 1.

Here is a link to the application.