Missouri Statehouse proposes making summer school enrollment mandatory

Summer school might be the answer for students who are not performing up to par in the classroom.

A proposal at the Missouri Statehouse would require school districts to make summer school enrollment mandatory for any student who scores less than proficient on statewide tests.

Macon Elementary School Principal, Ernest Motley says that summer school is also good for students who want to get ahead in the classroom.

Many elementary aged students are attending summer school classes to help get ahead in reading and mathematics. Summer school classes are also useful because they keep the kids thinking all throughout the summer when many of the materials learned during the normal school year are often forgotten.

"Well obviously in summer you have 2-3 months that you're away from school and for a lot of students it's very helpful just to kind of maintain a level that they've achieved and worked towards throughout the school year so theirs not regression," said Ernest Motley, Macon Elementary School Principal.

To learn more about summer school classes in your school district, contact an administrator or teacher for more information.