Missouri Teacher of the Year shares wisdom with new graduates

The snow didn't stop several hardworking Truman State Students from achieving a major milestone Saturday.

Truman State University's Fall Commencement ceremony continued as scheduled, and over one hundred students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.

As they make the official transition into adulthood and many of their futures remain uncertain, Luckily, they had a seasoned Truman Alumnae on hand, to give some helpful advice.

"Your greatest avenue to be successful is to know who you are, and to be ok with who you are, and to make that fit. I think a lot of us have these pre-conceived ideas of what success looks like, and sometimes we don't picture ourselves in that place, and so I hope that I can encourage them to see themselves in their picture of what the most successful success looks like to them," said Jamie Manker, a Truman Alumnae who addressed the graduates.

Manker was named Missouri Teacher of the year, and drawing from her own experience she had some comforting words of advice for the graduates as they enter the real world and start looking for jobs.

"They have a great foundation, they have a great education so they're going to come out of here and their degree is from Truman State and that's going to say something. They've already figured out how to solve problems, they've already figured out how to work hard, and I think if they're really honest about who they are, what do I enjoy doing, and if they can find that in their new career then they'll be happy and really successful," said Manker.

Although the transition can be scary, Manker has faith that if these graduates stay true to themselves, their potential is limitless.

"They've already got the work ethic, they have all the skills they need, so now it's a matter of just matching it up, and believing I think that you are worth being happy in your career," said Manker.