Missouri Veto Session to be held September 10th

The Missouri General Assembly is preparing for the upcoming Veto Session.

That session will be held on September 10th in Jefferson City. A Veto Session allows General Assembly members to consider overriding vetoes of the Governor. A Veto Session is held if a bill is vetoed after the end of a regular session.

"We go in, we make some decisions and so there is probably going to be anywhere from thirty bills or less that we are going to be undertaking, and right now, I'm out getting input from citizens that I represent," said State Representative Nate Walker, (R) Kirksville.

One of the bills that will be a topic of discussion during the session will be the Dairy Bill. That bill would authorize state subsidies to farmers participating in a new federal insurance program. The bill would also authorize 80 college scholarships of up to $5,000 for students that work at dairy farms and plan to remain in Missouri agriculture after graduation.