Missouri voters decide not to raise state sales tax

Show-Me-State voters decided in Tuesday's Primary Election not to raise the state sales tax. Fifty-nine percent of voters said no to Amendment 7.

The proposed increase would have funded road and other transportation projects planned by The Missouri Department of Transportation. Had voters approved the Amendment, MoDOT had a Kirksville project in its plans. A 3.7 million dollar overpass at the intersection of Highway 63 and Illinois Street would have been constructed.

State transportation officials say that those planned projects will be put on hold until funding becomes available. Right now, funding projections for the year 2017 show that MoDOT will struggle to provide the operations that it does now.

"We are disappointed in the results of the election, but the voters of Missouri spoke and we respect that their voice was heard, so our role at this time is to be sure that we do the best job we can to maintain our system with the resources that we have," said Kevin James, MoDOT Assistant District Engineer.

The defeat of the transportation tax in Tuesday's Primary Election marks the second time in a dozen years that Missouri voters have turned down a major highway tax plan. Amendment 7 received the most votes on a ballot that lacked competitive races for the top statewide and congressional offices.