Missourians can register to vote online

Voter registration is now available online in Missouri.

Missouriâ??s Secretary of State unveils a new way of registering to vote.

Jason Kander recently released a new online tool that allows Missourians to fill out a voter's registration form online.

After submitting registration information, the Secretary of State's office will likely implement a signature verification process to verify identity.

A letter of verification will then be distributed and citizens will receive their cards shortly after.

The Adair County Clerk says anything business-related that can be done online is always helpful to citizens.

â??Well anytime you can stay at home and do something online, it's easier. Of course we would love to see you here in the office and take care of your needs here as well, but it is something I think is a wave of the future. A lot of people are doing more of their business online and so I think the Secretary of State's office is just trying to be proactive and keep ahead of the game,â?? said Kander.

There are currently about 15 other states using the online registration tool. Click here to register.