MO Speaker of House hosts forum in La Plata

Speak of MO House

La Plata, MO. - Missouri house speaker Tim Jones held a public forum in La Plata Monday morning to address the Department of Revenue scandal regarding concealed weapon carriers.

The entire Missouri database of residents registered to carry a concealed weapon has been handed over to the federal government agency by the state.

Since that is against several current state laws, Jones helped pass a bill preventing the Dept. of Revenue to scan and retain these documents. Dozens of local residents came to the forum that ended with a "Q and A."

â??This has to do with every Missouri citizen's right to privacy as to their personal very important information. Issues of identity theft are rapid these days and people have a lot of questions about why these various branches of our government, why are bureaucrats accessing this information and they seem to be just transferring it back and forth amongst each other at will despite state laws to the contrary,â?? said Tim Jones.

Jones spoke on the issue in Cape Girardeau later in the day.