Mobile Vet Center comes to NEMO Fair

Staff members from the Columbia Veterans Center attended the NEMO Fair Tuesday afternoon in Kirksville.

Those staff members were holding an outreach event, with counseling services available with the mobile Vet Center. That center is a 40 foot long vehicle which is used for national emergencies. It also provides medical aid to remote regions.

Tuesday, however, staff members in the vehicle were answering questions and sharing information on services that can be provided to veterans and their families.

"The whole motto of the Vet Center is to adjust our schedule to meet the veterans needs. No veteran should ever have to take off work to come and see the Vet Center, and it's a free service, not only for the veteran, but for their entire family," said Michael Focke, with Veteran Affairs and the Vet Center.

For more information on how to access these services, click here.