Mock crash teaches Fairfield students safe driving

Mock crash teaches Fairfield students safe driving/KTVO

Fairfield students were given a wakeup call Wednesday, just days before their high school prom.

Emergency crews wanted students to understand the importance of safe driving.

So they acted out a two-car crash, with help from actors in the school's drama club and a lot of stage blood.

Students gathered in the parking lot and watched the scene unfold.

"I think it was a really good experience, just to see this in a safe way and be able to learn about just being aware of what can truly happen to people that you know and yourself," said Fairfield junior Kristen Daugherty.

Fairfield Fire Chief Scott Vaughan told KTVO the department spaces these mock crashes out by at least four years.

He said the last time the department organized something like this was about seven years ago.

Their hope is that by showing students the consequences of distracted driving, they'll be reminded to put their phones down and drive sober.

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