MoDOT continues to make improvements on Highway 63

The Alternate Route Highway 63 Traffic Safety Commission, organized by Missouri State Representative Zach Wyatt, met Thursday afternoon with MoDOT officials.The two groups met for the fifth time at Sweet Expressions in Kirksville to discuss the improvements MODOT has worked on the Highway 63 bypass.

The commission has been very pleased that MoDOT has been listening to the concerns of both the commission and the community of Kirksville since the highway opened back in October.

One of the major concerns was the lack of guard rails on the flyover on the south end of the city.

"The flyover has been a real concern. Many people were concerned that there wasn't enough rails." Said Nate Walker, Alternate Route 63 Commission Chair. "There have been additional rails already put in. Beginning of next week there is plans to put additional rails there. They'll close the route for a day or so to put the additional rails in there to make it safer."

The flyover ramp will be closed next Monday and Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. to install the new guard rail.

Another major concern Walker said was the traveling of large trucks through Route P considering the road has several sharp curves and narrow shoulders.

"There has been improvements to the shoulders on Route P. That was a concern to the people who lived out there. What we are going to do now, with some other help, we are going to come up with a proposal to do some major improvements on Route P to make it safer and better transportation for trucks and everything else."

New signs have also been added to the route such as letting truck drivers know which route is better to take and letting drivers know more ahead of time which routes to get off on to get into Kirksville. More signs should be coming up in the near future.