MoDOT discusses changes to deadly intersection

Heartland residents attend Monday evening MoDot meeting in Atlanta

There have been 12 crashes at the intersection of US 63 and Route M since the 4 lanes were opened in October of 2006.

Heartland residents have raised concerns about the intersection and want something done.

Monday night, the Missouri Department of Transportation held a meeting at the Atlanta C-3 School Library.

MoDOT proposes changing the intersection to a J-Turn.

The existing median opening has a total of 42 conflict points, and the proposed J-Turn will have a total of 20 conflict points.

MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Kevin James said they hope make a final decision sometime in the next few months.

â??We've tentatively planned the project out to be constructed next construction season, so we want to make sure we have a decision or are able to finish the plan and work toward getting bids and a contractor to build the improvements next year,â?? James said.

One resident asked why not build an overpass, but MoDOT said they just don't have the funding for that.

An overpass would be between five and $10 million, where a J-turn will cost between $500,000 to $750,000 to build.

To see MoDot's proposal for the intersection click here