MoDOT employee memorial rededication

MoDOT employee memorial

The people who work for the Missouri Department of Transportation put their lives on the line everyday, and on Monday afternoon those who lost their lives while on duty were remembered by their friends and family.

The MoDOT district office in Macon relocated, so it wanted to move the employee memorial as well.

â??We wanted to take a few moments to recognize the lives and rededicate this monument here today because the men and women of MoDOT put their lives on the line each and everyday,â?? District Engineer Paula Gough said.

â??Unfortunately, we have a monument just like this one here in Macon all across the state because it happens far too often that someone looses their life in the line of service.â??

Gough said it is important that you slow down and pay attention when you are in a work zone because your effort to pay attention and slow down could save the life of a MoDOT employee.

Those who lost their lives in service to the district:

William A. Walker- 1954

Elyod Doyle- 1957

Joe W. Houston- 1959

E.E. Baker- 1960

Elmer L. Lene- 1976

Larry E. Graves- 1987

Randy Musterman- 1987

George Pfeifer- 1994