MoDOT: Flyover vs. Overpass

Ever since the new alternate route opened up south of Kirksville in October, many have asked the question: why is the ramp into Kirksville referred to as a ~flyover TM?

According to Missouri Department of Transportation TMs resident engineer, Jeff Gander, the term flyover is more of a slang term used in highway engineering.

It kind or has a loose definition. It can mean a lot of different things, said Gander. In other countries the term they use for an overpass is called a flyover.

So just exactly what is the difference between a flyover and an overpass?

They're kind of the same thing, said Gander. The term flyover usually refers to a ramp that is crossing another roadway, so that is generally when we use the term flyover. An overpass is any bridge that crosses another roadway. The term flyover comes in when you are dealing with an interchange where a ramp actually goes over the road rather than just two roadways crossing.

Some viewers wanted to know why there isn TMt a flyover on the north end of town similar to the one on the south end.

Gander says it has to do with the surroundings.

The one on the north end is more of a developed area and we built a full diamond interchange at that location so drivers had access in all directions, said Gander. On the south end, its not as developed, so what we did is we kind off built a partial interchange there which includes a flyover ramp but still allows you to get on the bypass or go into Kirksville.

For the viewers that asked if MoDOT is planning on adding additional guardrails to that flyover, Gander says they are aware of your concerns about this issue and are looking into it.