MoDOT getting ready for super storm

A lot of preparations are being made in advance of a winter storm...and it's going to be a busy day for MoDOT.

MoDOT Area Engineer Amy Crawford said MoDOT is definitely getting ready for Thursdayâ??s storm.

Crawford said MoDOT contacted extra emergency help and other individuals to make sure they're rested and available to help plow the snow.

She said this is the time where they're just trying to stay informed and up on the predictions.

Crawford said motorists should stay updated on road conditions.

â??We're also encouraging motorists to stay home if they can,â?? Crawford said. â??And, not to travel if they don't need to, but if they do need to, we want them to be prepared. We want them to put an extra blanket in the car; take some food with them in case they do get stranded because conditions arenâ??t going to be real great out there for awhile. We'll get to the roads as quickly as we can. And, we'll keep the conditions as good as we can, but we want people to be prepared if they are out there.â??

Crawford said they have pre-treated some areas, but their main focus is getting equipment ready.

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