MoDot highway signs not meant to confuse motorist

If you've driven on Highway 36 West of Macon, since the new year you may have noticed some signage that looks a bit out of place.

Heading towards Bevier, you'll notice a Highway 36 sign along side that is a sign labeled Highway 110 CKC.

This January, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission approved the use of Highway 110 to include all of Missouriâ??s part of the Chicago-Kansas City expressway and also to keep consistency with Illinois 110 running from Hannibal to Chicago.

A MoDot official knows some are confused by the placement of the dual sign, but says it's also there to promote the area.

Even along Highway 36 there's other sections that overlap top of 36," said Kevin James, the Assistant District Engineer with MoDot. "The adding of Highway 110 and CKC is for a longer section but something to be used as a tool to promote economic development."

Get used to seeing more of those CKC 110 signs, as they will continue to be popping up along the corridor.

MoDOT expects all those signs to be up by Memorial Day.