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      MoDOT opens its ears to residents

      Representatives from the Missouri Department of Transportation had their listening ears on Wednesday.Officials from Kirksville and Macon gathered this evening at Truman State University for a MoDOT listening session. MoDOT reps told the group about the organization's "On The Move" Program, and then they asked for input from those who were attending.It's part of the planning process for MoDOT's new long-range goals. There were round table discussions as people got together to brainstorm different scenarios regarding what MoDOT can do to improve the road system across the state."Some of the things that we heard is maintaining the existing system, safety, enchancing the transportation system to benefit economic development. People do want us to consider other modes of transportation, not just roads and bridges. Those are all important things and we are curious to see what we also hear from around the state," said MoDOT District Engineer Paula Gough.MoDOT officials were very pleased with the feedback and turnout at Wednesday's event. If you'd like to leave feedback of your own for MoDOT, go to