MoDOT sets plan to improve roadways

Recently the Missouri Department of Transportation released its draft Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan to improve Missouri highways.

Recently, the Missouri Department of Transportation released the draft of their Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan.

The plan lists all the transportation projects for the Northeast District highways for a 5-year period. Engineers tell us this project listing is significantly different than it was just 4 years ago because then, the funding was twice the size as it is now.

So they will not have any large expansion projects. They will be just maintaining the roadways.

"In many cases we will be adding some type of shoulder and some ruble strips along the edge and possible the center line projects," said MoDOT Area Engineer, Amy Crawford, "but the main focus is keeping the surface good so we have clean roads"

Crawford tells us whenever you see their crew working on the highways and roadways, you should always slow down and use caution.

The projects are set to begin as early as this summer.