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      MoDOT speeds up response to potholes

      Work is underway to fix a mess of potholes across the state of Missouri.

      MoDOT workers in Kirksville are trying to fix the problem, and Thursday morning our Justin Andrews was on Pothole Patrol along Baltimore Street, with some MoDOT crews.

      Amy Crawford, a MoDOT Area Engineer, tells us the number of crews they have working in the pothole areas depend on how much or less the roadway is trafficked.

      "This time of the year as the snow melts and we begin to get some spring rain like we go over the weekend. Water gets in there and when water freezes it expands and makes the hole bigger," Crawford said.

      MoDOT kicked off their pothole repair initiative, one that aggressively tackles potholes, to keep roadways smooth and safe for motorists.

      "When a pothole is 4 inches or deeper it becomes priority one and when things are priority one we go out and fix them immediately," Crawford said.

      Potholes form when moisture seeps into the pavement, freezes, expands and thaws.

      Crews poured asphalt tack into the ditch and used a mixture that combines small rock, fibers and oils to fill the deep holes.

      Throughout the month of March, MoDOT crews are committed to repairing a pothole with asphalt within 24 hours of it being reported on weekdays.

      It's a statewide initiative to help benefit this improved pothole program.

      The goal for this initiative is to temporarily patch the pothole as quickly as possible.

      MoDOT continues to ask drivers to report potholes as soon as they notice them by calling 888 ASK-MoDOT or by visiting