MoDOT to begin bridge repairs

Bridges in the area will be getting an update in the very near future.

The Missouri Department of Transportation will be updating and replacing 36 bridges in the area as part of the 'Safe and Sound' Bridge Project. Many of the bridges will be getting joint replacements and re-decking repairs to ensure smoother travel. Bridges will also get a new paint job if needed, and one lane bridges will be converted to two lanes to make travel quicker and easier.

Work is set to begin in May and wrap up in early November. Each bridge requires 30 - 45 working days, but MoDOT officials say delays should be minimal. The bridge project is something that is necessary in order to make the bridges safer and materials will be used to make them last longer.

"Well, a lot of these bridges were built in the 50s and the 60s, and even back in the 30s and 40s, and it's time for them to have some work done to them so their useful life can be extended," said Keith Killen, MoDOT Transportation Manager.

Information on which bridges will be closed and when can be found on the Missouri Department of Transportation Website at