MODOT's on the move effort hits the road

MoDOT has started itâ??s on the move campaign for 2013. Tuesday, representatives visited the city of Macon to hear concerns from the Chamber of Commerce and other citizens.

Many residents were content with the work MoDOT has done for Macon county and surrounding areas. Most of MoDOTâ??s agenda this year will deal with maintaining existing infrastructure instead of new construction. MoDOT representatives also stressed the importance of wearing a seatbelt. MoDOTâ??s number one objective is to provide the safest driving experience and reduce as many casualties as possible.

â??Some of the common themes we're hearing across northeast Missouri and the state is people want us to keep investing in the system that we've already built. So take care of the roads and bridges that are already there. They also want to see to continue to make safety improvements. We're not going to be satisfied until we see zero fatalities on our roadway. We've made a lot of strides and have decreased the amount of fatalities each year, but every one of those fatalities are not statistics. They're someone's family member. They're someone's friend,â?? said Paula Gough District Engineer at MoDOT

If you would like MoDOT to come out and discuss its plans or hear your concerns, they will happily set up a meeting. All you have to do is call 1-888- ASK-MODOT or visit their website