Monster truck show rolls into Ottumwa

Cars are going to be smashed and destroyed this weekend at Ottumwaâ??s Bridge View Center.

The Winter Nationals Monster Truck Spectacular will be held within the centerâ??s convention hall.

Cars from salvage yards around the area were being hauled into the center on Thursday afternoon. The scraped cars wonâ??t be sitting much longer, as huge monster trucks will be racing over them.

Larry Gawronski, Executive Director of Ottumwaâ??s Bridge View Center, explained how the event will take place within the venue.

â??Sometimes tracks are either a built-up dirt surface, which would be a mogul dirt track, in this case we are clearing everything and there will be coke syrup. That kind of slows down the floor. And down here at this end (the west end bleachers) there will be a series of junk cars which will be stacked and tied together for safety purposes. So if one of those quads should go out of control, they are also tethered, so when they pull from their machine, it also deadens the engine, so it will stop before it hits the wall. Itâ??s going to be dangerous, exciting and thrilling,â?? said Gawronski.

The event takes place Friday and Saturday. Tickets are being sold at the Bridge View Center box office. For more information on the Bridge View Center,

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