Moravia Area Historical Society hosts community garden tour

Roger & Rita Boleyâ??s garden at their home on 109 S. Henry in Moravia

Martha Ellison with the Moravia Area Historical Society has a passion of showcasing all the beauty the small town with a rich past has to offer.

â??We're very pleased so far that we haven't had rain,â?? Ellison said, â??so it makes for a beautiful day for a garden tour and we have some lovely gardens that we hope people will enjoy.â??

The four tour stops cost visitors $5, which all proceeds go to benefit the upkeep of the historical complex where the event all kicked off. Here local businesses could also benefit from the societyâ??s first ever garden tour.

â??We have some vendors, and vendors and it's just whoever wanted to come set up as a vendor they were welcomed to do that,â?? Ellison said.

â??It's a really good opportunity to let people know that we do have a business up on the square,â?? Michelle Gray, vendor and co-owner of Generations Vintage & Collectables said. â??As you can see we have a bunch of stuff that you might want to put in your gardens, but we do have a lot of other stuff at the store it's a small store, but it's packed pretty good.â??

Even after a few spot showers later into the tour, the exquisite landscaping in Rita Boleyâ??s yard kept the day looking vibrant and bright, inspiring many visitors to start gardens in their own yards.

â??Just start small and learn about your plant and put them where they say to put them,â?? Boley said.

While Rita and her husband Roger, along with two other couples welcomed the community to check out gardens manifested at their homes, Mike and Melanie Seals make a living off their garden and family business also included on the tour.

â??Country Roads Produceâ??they do sell fresh vegetables and produce during the year and they also sell to some of the grocery stores and the resort also.â??

Unfortunately the only secret to maintaining a gorgeous garden is hard work.

â??Weed pulling, and digging and crawling, and ohâ??I donâ??t know you name it,â?? Boley said.

Ellison hopes to put on another garden tour next year for the Moravia Area Historical Society.