Moravia community responds to district's expansion plans

The Moravia School District is looking for an expansion to the existing building.

The Moravia School District is looking to continue moving forward with expansion plans.

The district is looking to add six elementary classrooms, plus a new gym with some amenities like new locker and weight rooms. The expansion is needed due to an increase in enrollment, as well as for the safety of athletes, like wrestlers, who are using the old gym space.

On Monday, the district held a public meeting to answer questions from parents and residents. Around 50 people attended, and Moravia Superintendent Brad Breon said the main questions included addressing why the expansion is needed and how it will be funded.

Overall, Breon said response was positive, which is good, since the expansion is a positive change for the district.

"It's very positive thing, we're one of the few schools in Southern Iowa that has seen some growth in the last decade and we're perceived to continue some growth by the department head out of Des Moines, so that's a very positive thing, yes," Breon said.

As for funding, the total cost for the project is projected around $3,500,000. Of that amount, $1,00,000 will be funded from the town's one-cent local option sales tax, which is already in place, and the remaining $2,500,000 will be bonded. Breon said right now, the bond is estimated at 60 cents per thousand, which actually is on the higher end of estimation, so the cost is very affordable for the district and its residents.

For those that could not make Monday's meeting or have more questions, another public meeting will be held on Monday, March 11 after the school board meeting at 7 p.m. in the high school library.

There is also information on the district's website, which you can visit by clicking here.

The expansion will be voted on on April 2.