Moravia man pleads guilty to poaching trophy whitetail deer

Jerry Kaster, 40, of Moravia, Iowa

Jerry Kaster, 40, of Moravia, Iowa, has pleaded guilty and fined the maximum amount of $20,000 in liquidated damages for unlawfully killing a trophy whitetail deer in Appanoose County. The case began with a call to the Turn in Poachers hotline on December 2, 2010.

According to the investigation, Kaster had shot a buck deer that scored more than 200 inches, with a .270 rifle while driving in his minivan on a rural road in the Lake Rathbun area.

Conservation officers located Kaster, the deer and Kasterâ??s rifle at a residence a few miles from where the deer was killed. A .270 bullet recovered from the deer was later matched by the DCI to Kasterâ??s Ruger .270 rifle.

Kaster was fined $195 for one count of unlawful killing of an antlered whitetail deer and $195 for one count of unlawful transportation of whitetail deer. The DNR seized the Ruger .270 rifle Kaster used in the violations. He will also lose his hunting privileges.

While under investigation for this case, Kaster was fined in 2012 for falsely obtaining landowner tags to hunt deer.

In the course of the investigation, conservation officers determined that a matching set of shed antlers off this deer had been sold by another person to a collector for $8,000.

The timely reporting to the Turn In Poachers hotline made apprehending this trophy deer poacher possible.