Moravia School District hopes to approve expansion plans

Moravia School District hopes to add five classrooms and an expanded gym within the next few years.

Enrollment in the Moravia School District has seen a sizeable increase in the last few years, and the school is running out of room.

Total enrollment has increased from 309 students in the 2005-2006 school year to 369 in 2011-2012. It is expected to reach over 400 by 2016. Elementary classes have gone from double section classes to single section, and the elementary has had to move classes into the high school wing of the building, forcing high school classes out of their space.

That's why the school district has set forth plans to construct five classrooms off the existing Pre-K-12 building, and construct a secondary gymnasium.

"We need to add classrooms because that's where the conversation started is the fact we're running out of rooms, running out of space," said Brad Breon, Moravia Superintendent. "Our elementary really needs to be two-sectioned, at least have the ability to be two-sectioned classes and when that conversation started, we decided to see what else we needed. We also need some extra curricular facilities to expand on that so in our whole plan we're adding a stand alone gym to the south of the school and five classrooms with restrooms to the west of the school and we think that will meet our needs."

The entire project is estimated to cost $3,500,000 and will be funded through a local bond issue. Breon said that the community is generally on-board with the expansion plans.

"It's been very favorable and a lot of the information about the whole project is also on our website with also a bond calculator program, which will help you determine what it will cost you if you live in that district," he said. "So the information is out, we've sent out flyers to every registered voter in the district so I think everyone knows it's going on."

The district held an informational meeting in July, and another will take place August 13 at 7:00. Breon hopes to have the architect and bond issue company available on that date to answer the public's questions.

The plans will be voted on during the regularly scheduled school board election on September 11. If plans are approved, the project is estimated to be complete within a year to a year and a half.

More information on the expansion plans and the link to the bond calculator can be found at