More changes coming for Alternate Route 63

You spoke and MoDOT listened! More guardrails are on the way for the flyover on the south end of Kirksville's new Alternate Route 63.

This information was released during the Alternate Route 63 Traffic Safety Commission Meeting. MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Kevin James said the guardrails should be installed by the end of January.

"When the roadway was designed, it was designed not to need that guardrail but we've had a lot of comments about the concern and the perception that you could go off there and have a more severe accident so we're trying to install this guardrail to make it safer," said James.

Also, during the meeting, Commission members approved the creation of a preferred trucking route, that would encourage truck drivers to enter Kirksville using the northern interchange and Shepherd Avenue.

Commission members also expressed their concerns regarding the Alternate Route 63's intersection with Dogwood Lane. Several members said the intersection is dangerous because there isn't a turning lane or a sign to indicate that the intersection is approaching.

"Whether we lower the speed limit for the whole highway or what, you got traffic that comes to a dead stop to turn because of oncoming traffic and then they're sitting there very helpless with traffic coming behind them," said Jerry Caldwell, a member of the Commission. "So, I don't know how we're going to address that but I think we need to."

Caldwell also suggested adding rumble strips to Dogwood lane, as it approaches Alternate Route 63.

Some other concerns that MoDOT said they would look into include the widening of Route P by adding shoulders and rumble strips to the roadway near the curves.