More details released on Lockridge shooting incident

Mr. Bittner was found in this house on West Main.

New details have been released in the shooting death of Lockridge man.

On September 4, David Bittner, 46 was found suffering from a gunshot wound, at a home on West Main in Lockridge.

Bittner died later that day at the Jefferson County Health Center.

On Wednesday, Jefferson County Attorney Timothy Dille announced that no charges would be filed in the case.

On Thursday, Dille told KTVO why his office declined to press charges.

The home on West Main was occupied by Mr. Bittner's daughter, her boyfriend and a minor child.

At the time of the incident, Mr. Bittner's son, Steven, and his estranged wife were at the home babysitting the child.

Dille says that investigators do not know Mr. Bittner's intent when he entered the home on September 4, but he did so by kicking in the door.

Dille says Bittner, who was known to carry a gun, was asked to leave the residence several times. At some point during the confrontation, Bittner reached behind his back and was then shot by Steven.

Bittner dropped a revolver as he fell to the floor after being shot.

In the statement released Wednesday, Dille referred to the shooting as justified.

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No charges to be filed in Lockridge shooting