More testimony in Cinema X murder trial

Bruce Pollard mugshot

The first degree murder trial of Bruce Pollard continued Thursday morning at the Wapello County Courthouse.

The day in court began with the return of Ottumwa Police Officer Steve Harris to the stand for cross examination.

Harris told the jury that investigators did not consider the possibility that Bruce Pollard had been the subject of a sexual assault by the victim, Kenneth McDaniel, because they had no information from Pollard or any other source such an assault had taken place.

Harris did acknowledge that Ottumwa police had received a report 10 days prior to McDaniel's murder that an unknown man had tried to encouraged a younger male passerby to enter the Cinema X Theater.

Harris told the court that the report was noted on the departmentâ??s daily roll call.

Pollard's sometime girlfriend, Amanda Collins, then took the stand and testified that on the evening of McDaniel's murder, she observed cuts on Pollard's head and that he told her had been in a fight.

On cross examination, Collins told the court that Pollard had a long history of mental health issues and that he had been trying for some time to get professional medical help.