Mosquitos eating away at declines from 2012

Spring is here and rain has been bountiful this year. With all the standing water lingering around, mosquitoes are laying eggs and they will soon be hatching. To reduce the mosquito population in your area, be sure to remove standing water from flower pots, buckets, and barrels. Change out the water on childrenâ??s pools and bird baths every couple of days and be sure to pick a bug spray with deet that is safe for the environment.

â??They make all different types of insect repellents. They say you need to choose one that is certified by the environmental protection agency type of mosquitoes insect repellent. That would be something you could use. Also, if you're going to be outside that typically the early morning hours or in the evening are the times mosquitoes are out there the most,â?? said Lori Guffey Registered Nurse at Adair County Health Department.

Most mosquito bites will go away after about a week and only cause a bit of discomfort, but if they persist longer than a few weeks with a developing fever or extreme redness, be sure to get them checked by your doctor.