Mother mad she wasn't notified about bus driver sex charge

Deputies said the bus driver admitted molesting a boy on his school bus.

A northeast Missouri mother is not pleased with the Putnam County School District.

That's because she had to learn about her son's school bus driver being charged with sex crimes against a child by watching the evening news on KTVO.

As we told you Tuesday, Ricky Parris, 52, of Pollock is charged with one count of first-degree child molestation.

Parris is accused of inappropriately touching a seven-year-old boy who rode his bus during summer school at Putnam County Elementary.

Court documents state that Parris told deputies from the Putnam County Sheriff's Office that two of the three incidents happened on the school bus.

He said the third incident happened at Parris' residence.

Angela Morgan, whose seven-year-old son also rode Parris' bus, told KTVO she's upset school administrators did not inform her about the alleged sex crimes.

"I felt like they could have, the school or somebody, could have contacted the parents of all the kids on that bus and just let us know so that we could be asking our children if anything occurred," said Morgan.

Morgan did quiz her son once she found out about the sex-related charge his bus driver is facing.

â??He did reassure me that nothing happened to him, that he had talked to the bus driver, but there had been no other communications besides â??hiâ?? and â??byeâ?? and no touching whatsoever," said Morgan.

We talked to Putnam County Schools Superintendent Heath Halley Friday afternoon to ask him why district officials had not notified parents of other students who rode Parrisâ?? bus.

He said administrators were not trying to hide anything from anyone.

He said they didn't find out about the accusations against Parris until three weeks after summer school ended, and they were just doing what they were told to do by law enforcement.

After we talked to Halley, he called KTVO back and said the Sheriff Jason Knight had given him the OK for him to make calls to parents regarding the Parris incident.

He said he was planning to spend the rest of Friday afternoon calling parents of children who rode Parris' bus both during summer school and during the regular school year.

We confirmed that Parris is no longer employed by K M Bus Company in Unionville, the company contracted to provide school buses for the Putnam County School District.

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