Mother Nature levels second building in heartland town

The Storm 3 Weather Team pinpointed May 19 to be a problematic day in the Heartland days before the event.

Sunday finally came around and the storm predictions center put the Heartland under a slight risk for severe weather.

Most of the day was quiet for the Heartland until after sundown. Then multiple lines of storms ripped through the Heartland causing power outages and damage.

Putnam County was one of the hardest hit areas Sunday night. Around 9:20 p.m. there was a tornado warning. Now the good news is there was no confirmed tornado on the ground.

North 17th and Washington Street in Unionville was where the worst storm damage occurred.

The old Unionville Republican building had been abandoned for about 15 to 20 years and throughout that time its structural integrity had been compromised. The 60+ mile per hour winds that rocked Unionville easily toppled over the building.

This is the second building that has been knocked over due to strong winds this year in Unionville and there are other buildings in the city that have been abandoned. Now, this isn't the only place that has abandoned buildings and without these buildings getting any attention or repairs, this could be a reoccurring theme as we go on throughout the next decade.

If you are interested in obtaining grants to revitalize Unionville, which is a historical city, please contact City Administrator John Roach by phone at 660-947-2438 or email him at