Motion filed to delay third Techel trial

<span id="bIImageViewer_CaptionTextID">Seth Techel in court during his second trial</span>

The third trial of accused murder Seth Techel may be delay several months.

On Friday, Techelâ??s attorney Gerald Feuerhelm filed a motion asking the court to delay his clientâ??s third murder trial.

That trial is scheduled to begin July 14 in Scott County, Iowa.

In his motion, Feuerhelm cites the sheer magnitude of paperwork the case has generated thus far.

Feuerhelm says the defense canâ??t possibly sift through four thousand pages of trial transcripts and the mountains of other evidence by July.

Feuerhelm took over the case in December of 2013, shortly after Techelâ??s previous attorney asked to withdraw.

In his motion, Feuerhelm says that prosecutors have been immersed in the case for two years, putting the new defense team at a disadvantage.

Feuerhelm is asking for a trial date in October or November of 2014.

For now, both sides must await a ruling on the motion from Judge Daniel Wilson.

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