Motorist rescues little kitten from busy highway

A good Samaritan rescued a poor, helpless kitten from the middle of one of the Heartlandâ??s busiest highways.

Ade Anast of Ottumwa was driving down Highway 63 through Queen City late Thursday morning when she saw something in the road.

She figured out that it was a small kitten that she had straddled and passed over with her car.

Anast said she quickly stopped and turned around to retrieve the scared animal from the busy highway before it got hit by a car.

"I had just left a meeting at A.T. (Still University) and was headed home to Ottumwa when I saw something in the road,â?? Anast said. â??As I drove over it, I realized it was a kitten so I parked, came up to (Schuyler County) High School here and pulled over as quickly as I could and ran back. Fortunately, the other cars drove over it, too, and I ran up, and it was just this tiny kitten laying in the middle of (Highway) 63. So, I picked it up.â??

Anast said she and her husband live on a farm, and it looks like they now have a new cat.