Motorized wheelchairs: are they legal on city streets?

Is it legal to drive a motorized wheelchair on city streets? That was the topic of Fridayâ??s â??Facebook Story of the Dayâ??.

In the city of Kirksville, the answer is yes.

â??Each city, by state statute, has the right to regulate golf carts and wheelchairs on the streets,â?? said Chief Deputy Tim King with Kirksville Police Department. â??The city made a change in our ordinance a few years ago when we had that small toy motorcycles, and they added that to the ordinance to not allow them on the streets, but at the same time they put an exemption back in for the wheelchairs, which would allow them on the streets.â??

When it comes to sharing the road, Kirksville Police say itâ??s the same concept people should follow when it comes to farm equipment or someone on a bicycle.

People on motorized wheelchairs are also required to obey all traffic laws.

Kirksville Police also recommend people who do use motorized wheelchairs to wear some sort of reflective gear at night.

â??Whether itâ??s reflective lights or even a flag to help other motorists see them at night, they also need to remember itâ??s their job to keep themselves safe while out on the road.â??


to read Missouriâ??s statutes when it comes to registration and licensing of motor vehicles.