Movie based on Greentop author's book hits theaters Friday

Jason and Lori Haxton on the red carpet posing for the cameras

The horror movie based on a book written by a northeast Missouri author hits theaters nationwide on Friday.

Jason Haxton of Greentop wrote the book, "The Dibbuk Box," about an old Jewish wine box that some believe is possessed by an evil spirit.

Haxton bought the box on eBay about seven years ago, and it seems bad things happen to those who own the box.

Previous owners have reported having the same scary nightmare about what they describe as an "old hag."

Unexplainable health problems also seem to happen to those who are around the box.

"I actually thought that someone might have coated this with cyanide because the symptoms of choking, vision problems, basically unable to sleep, metallic tastes in my mouth, numbness, welts and hives appearing and disappearing,â?? said Haxton. â??These were very serious health problems that i had never experienced and seemed to just manifest by being around this item."

Haxton had the box check, and it had no harmful contaminates on it.

He has now sealed the box away and stored it in a dark, undisturbed place, and his strange health problems have since disappeared.

The movie, "The Possession," is based on Haxton's book, "The Dibbuk Box," hits theaters across the country Aug. 31, including those in Kirksville and Ottumwa.

Haxton and his wife, Lori, attended the movie premiere in Hollywood earlier this week where they got to walk the red carpet, meet the stars of the movie and be interviewed by different media outlets.

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