MS Support Group established in Kirksville area

A Multiple Sclerosis support group meets every other month in the Kirksville area. The group was just established this fall for those with MS to come together and discuss the disease.

The support group fulfills a valuable role in addressing the informational, emotional, and social support needs of the different group members. Those that attend the meeting, will also have the opportunity to hear from a number of guest speakers that talk about living with MS, and how they are coping.

The meetings are also informational for anyone that has recently been diagnosed, or who has been living with MS for some time.

"It's nice for the people that have MS to share that link to be together and to know that they aren't the only ones going through this issue," said Renee Jones, a MS Self Help Group Leader in the Kirksville area.

If interested in joining the Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, contact MS Self Help Group Leader, Renee Jones at (660)341-9999.