MSAE alumni have an extravaganza at reunion

MSAE Alumni Extravaganza

Vikas Narula and Matt Mulleneaux have been best friends since grade school. They graduated from Maharishi Age of Enlightenment School in 1990, and are reunited again for their alma mater's annual alumni extravaganza.

"We were in the same class in 6th grade," Narula said. "We were on the basketball team together. We spent time at the university, so yeah; we stayed connected all these years."

Graduates from the 80s to 2011 put on a wide assortment of entertainment for the evening, showcasing talents such as singing, dancing and acting.

"I'm one of the emcees at the MSAE Extravaganza that's happening here at the Sondheim Center tonight,â?? David Murphy said. â??I'm co-hosting with Meredith Hirsh. She has a salon here in town on the Square."

Hirsh graduated in 1989, and Murphy graduated in 1999. Not only was Murphy hosting the event, but he also performed some original music.

"Being in a small town, it's sometimes hard to find people to play with, so I developed a habit of playing all the instruments myself, and just recorded the backing part, so the songs I'm playing tonight, the drums and bass guitar are recorded, and then I'm playing the electric guitar live and singing too, so it sounds like a band, but I'm the only one up there."

Soap opera actress Elsa Navarrete from Mexico performed a monologue, and many other alumni traveled from across the world to reunite with old classmates, teachers and mentors.

â??It's a thrilling thing for Andrea and I,â?? MSAE Director Richard Beall said. â??We've been married for 31 years and at the school for 31 years, and we never had our own children, so really these are our children, so having alumni come back is really exciting for us to see a lot of familiar faces and to recognize their abilities and talents, so for a lot of reasons, it's a fulfilling day.â??