MSAE tennis shows excellence in character as well as on the court

While the Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment pulled off another historic triple crown at the Iowa state tennis tournament, they are known for more than just their game on the court.

Even though the team has only been around for 25 years, it's the flagship program of the community.

They've won many singles, doubles, and team titles throughout their brief history.

"Everyone really rallies around these guys and the tradition is, I think, more profound than any other aspect in the community--at least as far as the student life goes," said head coach Steve Briggs.

The team also prides themselves on their exceptional sportsmanship.

At a match earlier this year, a mother told Coach Briggs how nice and polite of a team they were.

She said her son's opponent was the nicest, most respectful player he has faced.

The team also consists of model students in the classroom.

Some of the team members will be moving on to fine institutions such as Grinnell College and the University of Iowa.