Multi-county crime spree leaves 1 woman dead, 3 injured

Jeffrey Nichols, 22, and Christoper Lewis, 18,

A fatal multi-county crime spree ends with a police standoff in the Heartland.

Police tell us it all ended with a standoff at a home in the 100 block of West 3rd Street, that involved several police jurisdictions and the SWAT team, Monday morning.

Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger told KTVO they set up perimeters around the home in Macon.

"Subjects were believed to have come to Macon and were later found at a residence in Macon," Chief Olinger said.

Both subjects were inside the home and were taken into police custody around 10 a.m. without incident.

Jeffrey Nichols, 22, and Christopher Lewis, 18, both of Macon were charged Monday with first-degree murder, and a bond set at $1 million. Our sister station KRCG is reporting that Nichols and Lewis are being held in Chariton and Randolph county jails awaiting arraignment.

"About 12:30 {Sunday} night the officers were called to assist the Moberly Police Department and the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Randolph County Sheriff's Department to the investigation of a homicide and assaults that occurred down in Randolph County and the Moberly area," Olinger said.

Authorities say this crime spree all started when the two suspects were seen stealing items from the Moberly Wal-Mart, and got away in a car that had been reported stolen from Macon.

"I saw the SUV parked inside a shed and it was just parked in there and they was getting ready to tow it out," resident Ben Zamora tells KTVO's Justin Andrews.

Zamora recorded the stolen vehicle with his camera. He tells us he zoomed in on the license plate and it was the vehicle police were looking for.

Shortly after the car was found, deputies responded to another location of a shooting incident where two subjects were found to be suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

While there, two other victims came to police-- one reported she was assaulted and we're told the other said their home was burglarized, both resulting in vehicles stolen.

Zamora tells us he first heard about this crime spree from his mother-in-law.

"I got a call from my mother-in-law over the scanner she said that they found it and I knew exactly where it was at, so I went over there and tried to confirm it myself, so that was it."

Then the chaotic crimes continue, Randolph County officers discovered the body of 92-year-old woman found dead inside a home.

Deputies were able to link the stolen vehicles and incidences to Nichols and Lewis.

We're told the Missouri State Highway Patrol and its tactical until, Moberly Police Department, Chariton County Sheriff's Office, Huntsville Police Department, Randolph County Sheriff's Department were all involved.

KTVO has also learned that there were several people inside the home including children.

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