Multi-Million dollar housing development coming to Kirksville

A multi-million dollar housing development will soon be coming to Kirksville.

The Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council have approved what will be called 'Eagle Crest Estates'. The plan calls for 21 high-end homes to be constructed.

The homes will be located south of East La Harpe Street, on the south and east sides of the Hollister Building. The homes will also border the Kirksville Country Club.

The individual homes are priced at $250,000 and up. The houses will also include multi-car garages. The streets are already equipped with proper drainage and power lines to accommodate the new homes.

"The streets are well planned and laid out, and we think it's going to be a good addition to the city of Kirksville," said Brad Selby, Kirksville Codes and Planning Director.

The construction is set to start as early as the beginning of summer.

The Planning and Zoning Commission also voted to postpone the construction of sidewalks until one year after the housing development is completed because of the damaging effects of heavy construction equipment and concrete trucks driving across the new sidewalks.