Murder-suicide leaves two dead - UPDATED

KTVO has learned more about the weekend shootings near Thousand Hills State park that left two people dead.

According to the Adair County Sheriff's Office, Kyley Sutton, 19, and Andrew Lough, 38, both of Kirksville, died as a result of a murder-suicide at the Lough residence on Highway 157 in Adair County. The sheriff's report indicates Sutton had been dating Lough's daughter and the two had been involved in a verbal argument.

Andrew Lough told Sutton he needed to leave the residence. When Sutton left, he went to his truck and got a hunting rifle, then returned to the residence. Lough told his daughter to run and hide. It was at that point that Sutton shot Andrew Lough as he was standing at the front door of the home.

Sutton then followed Lough TMs wife, Michelle, and her step-daughter, into a bedroom, where he reportedly told them he had not intended to do what he did. Sutton then went out to his vehicle, where he apparently killed himself as sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene. The heard the gunshot. Deputies then discovered Sutton TMs body and the suspected murder weapon in the vehicle.

Autopsies, along with toxicology reports, have been ordered on both victims. Toxicology results are not expected back for several weeks. The incident remains under investigation.

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