Museum of Osteopathic Medicine receives tips to use in emergency situations

The Museum of Osteopathic Medicine at A.T. Still University has some new information on how to react in an emergency situation.

A free workshop was held in part of a National Endowment for the Humanities Grant which was awarded to the museum. The workshop was open to libraries, archives, and historical societies from Missouri and surrounding states.

Participants developed a disaster plan, learned salvaging techniques, and created an emergency response team. The training session also included a fire extinguisher demonstration by the Kirksville Fire Department. The most important piece of advice offered at the workshop was to remain calm in any situation.

"The biggest thing that was stressed over the workshop was the fact to just take a deep breath and look at the situation before you just jump in," said Debra Loguda-Summers, Museum of Osteopathic Medicine Curator.

Twenty-eight people from 13 different organizations attended the workshop. Thanks to the workshop, these organizations now know what to do in case of a flood or fire in order to help protect the items.