Mutchler Community Center has new director

The Mutchler Community Center in Bloomfield has a new director; Jason Skaggs has been in the position for about a month and a half now.

Skaggs is also Bloomfieldâ??s Parks and Recreation Director which employees said his experience there will help him at the Mutchler Center as well.

â??Yeah it is. He's kind of familiar with what we have going on down here and it just kind of expands on with what he has going on and what we have going on also. He's got a lot of really good ideas and we're going to be getting some new equipment, things like that and new programs going on,â?? said Cheri Schooley, Mutchler Community Center Employee.

Schooley said Skaggs said Skaggs has a great quality of making everyone around him feel comfortable and is wonderful with all the kids at the center. She is confident he will do a great job at his position.