NAS Ottumwa Alumn reflects

Where the Ottumwa Regional Airport is today was once the location of a thriving naval air station during WWII.

Stephen Black, part of Friends of NAS Ottumwa, is trying to hard to preserve both the buildings and the memories of those who served at the base.

Black is racing against the clock to find those that were stationed at the naval air station in Ottumwa to make sure their words and memories are not forgotten.

â??You know, we're running out of time so we've got to find these people and gather this history up and hear their stories. I think they want to tell their stories. I think their happy that somebody cares about it, is interested,â?? said Stephen Black, Friends of NAS Ottumwa.

Black met with Frances Fye Tuesday who was in the Navy from 1943-1946 and helped with building the administration building that is now in the works of becoming an historical museum.

â??But the first building completed on this air base was the jail. I drove by it night and all day long, riding on the main drag, right on the corner, little square building. That was the first building that was excavated, it was the smallest,â?? said Fye.

If you know someone or you are someone that was stationed at the Ottumwa Naval Air Station, you can go to and find Blackâ??s contact information and he will be in touch.