Nate Walker wins District 3 State Rep. Race

Republican Nate Walker

The race for Missouriâ??s District 3 State Representative seat was a race closely watched here in the Heartland.

Republican Nate Walker beat out Democrat Rebecca McClanahan with 57.4 percent of the votes.

Walker said he will do what he promised in his campaign.

â??I want to thank all the people (who) supported me,â?? Walker said. â??I look forward to representing everyone, all the peopleâ?¦not just a few, but everyone in this district. And together, we'll be able to solve some of the problems. We may not be able to solve everything, but the campaign I ran on (involved) multiple issues. First (I ran on) the economy and creating jobsâ?¦and creating jobs not just for people my age, but for people coming out of college.â??

Walker also said one of the issues that came up during the campaign was some of the students at Truman State University were concerned that he is not a strong supporter of the school.

But, he said he wants to reassure people that Truman is a priority of his.

You can view our full interview with Nate Walker HERE.