National film crew hits town to feature home on wheels

look for Brian Bolton to be featured on the Mega RV Countdown on the Travel Channel

Imagine calling a mega RV your home.

For Kirksville native Brian Bolton, that's the case. He lives in a mega RV which he had custom built to his liking.

We caught up with Brian as he talked about how it all came about.

â??The main reason was that I wanted to not only be able to take a car but also several other motorized big boy toys such as motorcycles and ATV's and stuff. I didn't want to have to be selective about what things I was gonna take. I wanted lots of capacity and I could pack all those things in there and go out on extended excursions and have all of those different toys available,â?? said Bolton.

Brian's RV is so unique it caught the eye of the Travel Channel, which was shooting a special as part of their Mega RV Countdown.

So what makes his so different? Brian's trailer has a hydraulic lift which allows him to haul two cars at once, one on top of the other. There's also room for his ATV's, which make traveling a whole lot of fun.

â??In just over a year, I've got over 30,000 miles on the coach and over 15,000 miles on the trailer. I've been in roughly half of the states so far, mostly the western states. I've been as far east as Indiana and of course as far west as California and the west coast several times and pretty much all the states in between,â?? Brian told us.

So where's Brian headed next? It's Sturgis, South Dakota as he continues his tour of the states.

As for the Travel Channel, look for Brian to be featured on the Mega RV Countdown series sometime between October and December.