National Guard wraps up successful first-ever fitness camp

Those left standing at the National Guard's fitness camp take a picture after the fifth and final workout.

On Monday, KTVO watched in exhaustion as 40 high schoolers, mainly from Fairfield High School, participated in the National Guard's fitness camp.

We caught up with the group Friday and even on the final day of camp, they didn't get to take a breather. Each day brought a different type of exercise, such as yoga or a grueling two-mile circuit workout, and a team building activity. Friday, the campers pushed through the most difficult day yet -- a hero workout and group planks.

The camp lost some members along the way, but gained a few more. Now that the week is over, the National Guard hopes everyone left with more than just a great week of workouts.

"Even on the team workouts, other teams were cheering on the other teams," said Ed Pforts, Battalion Operations Sergeant for the 224th Engineer Battalion. "So I'd like to think that they developed their team mentality better by the end of the week and had more appreciation for the overall group effort."

The kids were also able to learn more about what the National Guard does and how the armory in Fairfield serves the community.

Pforts said the camp was so well received that they plan on holding it again next year.