Nearly 400 students graduate from Indian Hills

Thursday evening will be an unforgettable night for many as nearly 400 Indian Hills students received their diplomas.

The commencement ceremony took place inside the Hellyer Center on IHCCâ??s main campus. U.S. Congressman Dave Loebsack of Iowa gave the graduates an inspiring speech as the keynote speaker.

"Well I've been in office since 2007 and I've been to Indian Hills a lot as Marlene, and others know," Loebsack said. "And the main focus really has been work force development, doing everything that I can while I'm in congress to help facilitate what places like Indian Hills do to train folks for jobs, for the workforce."

It was also a special night for Dr. Marlene Sprouse. This was her first commencement as IHCCâ??S newest president.

"We're here to train students for workforce, and we're also here to give them their first two years for a bachelor's degree, and so just anytime we can help the student, a community college is often the first step. If we can help them feel successful in that first step and then just move onto the next step, that's really what it's all about," she said.