NECAC and MU Extension help with Affordable Care Act sign-ups

Macon citizens spent Friday evening learning how to sign up for the Affordable Care Act.

The North East Community Action Corporation and the University of Missouri Extension held the informational meeting. Those who attended were able to learn what the Health Insurance Marketplace and Affordable Care Act are. Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace ends on March 31st. A number of health insurance navigators were also on hand. Those navigators were able to help fill out applications and answer any other questions.

"Well it's important for individuals to kind of get an idea of what's going to be required of them, give them options that may be available to them or just give them general knowledge of the health care law that's coming into effect or has come into effect," said Chris Shoemaker, MU Extension Business Development Specialist.

Health insurance navigators will be at the Dukum Inn in Kirksville tomorrow answering questions about the Affordable Care Act. They will be at the Dukum Inn beginning at 2:00 p.m.