Neighbor reacts to death just down the road

The criminal investigation into the death of a northeast Missouri woman continues, and it has left neighbors wondering exactly what happened just down the road.

The body of Vickie Anderson, 51, was found March 28, 2012 in an outbuilding behind her house one mile east of Boynton in Sullivan County.

The Sullivan County Sheriff's Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control are investigating.

Sheriff Roger Smiley told KTVO preliminary autopsy results were inconclusive regarding the cause of death in the Anderson case.

He is now waiting on toxicology results, which could take up to three weeks.

Neighbors like Norma Mason are still in disbelief.

"You just can't imagine that something would happen like that around a small community because we know everybody,â?? said Mason. â??These people were new to the community so you didn't know anything about them, but we still didn't expect that to happen."

Mason has lived in the Boynton area since her early teens.

The death that happened just down the road has turned her normally quiet town into a not-so-quiet community this week.

â??We have very little traffic here in Boynton, and since then, this has been like Grand Central Station,â?? said Mason. â??There's cars going by every two to three minutes, other than today (Friday), it's really quieted down."

Mason said she never met Vickie Anderson or her husband, only saw them from a distance, but she sends her prayers to the family at this difficult time.

She said the couple had just moved into the area a few weeks ago.